Where it all started

Foxtail was founded by a pair of writers who share a real passion for the English language. Whether we were spinning out poems at a young age or crafting comedy sets, we’ve always been driven to produce the very best copy we could.

Our client list speaks for itself

Our journalistic roots allowed us to turn that spark of interest into a carefully crafted skill set. We’ve had the honour of working with some of the biggest media brands, including the BBC and WhatCulture. As well as padding out the ol’ portfolio, this let us fine tune our writing and develop versatile styles to suit any tone of voice on any platform.

Now with around 15 years of experience between us, the Foxtail portfolio has become much larger and much more diverse. We have produced work for some juggernaut brand names in a wide range of different industries. From researching and writing articles for PokerStars to crafting travel guides for Expedia or creating engaging social media plans for Weber, nothing leaves our desks until our clients are 100% satisfied.

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